When she was very young Willy Kollen already knew that she wanted to become a singer.
In the early years of her childhood Willy started singing
In churches and everywhere else Willy touched many listeners with her beautiful voice.

Life was not easy for Willy. There were many ups and downs, but by singing about the faith in God and His mighty Love Willy managed to overcome these downs and got the strenght to carry on with her life.
She remained loyal to her own style: Dutch listening songs which she sang whenever people wanted to hear.
And now a long cherished wish has come to realization. Together with some friends and in private management her most favorite songs were recorded.
On the album we find along with many songs of Willy Kollen herself, the well known song
“Faja-Lobi” but also the classic “ Ere zij aan God de Vader”. This last song she sang already as a two- year old girl.

This beautiful CD”Een Vriend voor altijd” is a must for everyone who is looking for the modern religion song!

    The object of the CD:
         Telling and singing
               Of His Love for everyone
                     And the freedom to choose
                           For this Love
                                 Yes or no!
                                       To honour God
                                            And to give people
                                                The opportunity
                                                      To get in touch
                                                            With His Word
  And Love.